Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Help,my kids eyes aren't attached properly.......

I really must contact a physician, something is terribly wrong with my childrens eyes. No they were not born with seemed to come on when puberty hit. It is so wierd and un-nerving to say the least...kinda scarey, I pray they get over this ailment soon. And the odd thing is, it only seems to attack the eyes of the daughter I have. I have heard that many young adolesent girls have suffered this ailment..I do believe it is even hereditary (from the mother side), I have read that it may be the ligament that holds the eyes in place somehow becomes loose making the eyes of a teen girl.....roll back, near the heads. Also, odd is that it seems to only happen when the parent talks to them..about anything really, boys, clothes and room cleaning. And if it is really bad it has been documented that their head also shakes back in forth in unison with the eye rolling.. It has been noted that this condition has cleared on its own, usually by college, but in rare circumstances it has still been seen at such times as weddings, births of children and any majoy event that a mother or parent has voiced an oppinion.

Moms, check your girls, and pray that this ailment doesn't happen to them. And if it does just try to wait it out.......and pray the WIND DOESNT CHANGE>>>>>

Monday, February 18, 2008


I know I have said that about a hundred times! No make that an infinant amount of times. My daughter so beautyful, hair women would kill for. Dark thick curly, more waves than tight curls. People have come up to her for years and admired her hair. And yes, of course she hates it, can't it be straight?, can't it be thinner?, can't I have bangs?, why can't it be lighter color. Why dont you understand? ( I dont know? mental defect I guess).

Oh the days that I actually brushed the hair, put the clips in put the bows in and actually washed it.... I know what at tease.

Ever sense she hit Middle School it goes in a scruntchy, wet, dry, clean or dirty.!!! Everyone does it! (Which they do)....

She begged me to cut it, I did, not short always around shoulder length, thinking maybe she will curl it or something...then up again,...I dont know maybe I should pick my battles, which I try to do...but come on brush it, wash it...(I know then you will have to straighten it again, again the mental defect is showing).

Oh well, the thing that gives me such peace is knowing that one day, as my mother said to me....she will have one like herself. (Ok, I know, I had thick hair I hated to wash and comb, knotts in it..but we wont spend to much time on that one).

And I do have boys, dont get me started on that..actually, they almost spend too much time on their hair! gotta get it cut and the gel!!!

OH well, I better go....Gotta wash my hair

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rantings of a MAD MOM

Well let me just begin by saying I am not mad...not inas much as angry, hostile, pissed, hotheaded, ( ok maybe alittle of that one). None of Websters, oops I mean Wilkapedia words of that nature.....however, I am MAD like crazed, looney, wierd, senile what other words could I include.?

This will be a blog of imformation, advice and just my views of motherhood of the ages. For that matter the ages of 17, 14 and 12. Of mixed gender, abilities, talents, moods, etc...if you have children you will get this. And if you dont well, it just might change your mind....

I will have topics of WHYS? HELP me!!, WHAT?... and the ever popular...HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MINDS!...of course there is humor, cause what else do I have?

So stayed tuned and informed and share what you dare!!!!

mommy dearest