Monday, March 31, 2008

My Babies are Growing Up!!


Well, my babies are growing up!!, The First of them, well I guess for his life I better not go and expose his name...ok well lets just say my first born, boy....He is in High School, is a good guy and cute guy and thank GOD a really shy guy. Well, that has been the saving grace, his shyness...He is so cute that girls have always wanted to be around him, but he again is shy...Well up in till he hit junior year. There has been one girl he has know since elementary but they are only friends, then there is one that kinda blew him off....and then he met his "girl". She is a great girl, she is cute and polite and no piercings as far as I can see. What else could a mom want. Well, they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend...WOW, what happened to my little boy, the velco kid we used to call him cause he wouldnt do anything without his momma...not really a mommas boy, just attached, if there is a difference. He is the first to have a girlfriend, to eat at others homes (that is great...he eats a lot saves us a little cash), and hanging out some where other than in the cave..(family joke).
Where did the time go, seems like yesterday I was praying for him to grow up and move out...his collic, night terrors and pickiness in eating...and now so close to that time where he will venture out on his own...Scared and happy for him all at the same time. How did this happen??? First, the girlfriend, then the High School Graduation then the Air Force....I know he will always be my baby, but this 6ft4 man is now someone else's baby.....sniff, sniff.. maybe he was not just a mommas boy, but maybe he was just MY BOY!!!
Moms out there, dont let those cute little snot nose kids, that run threw the house with those dirty hands, that wont sleep through the night, leave you tired, ragged and unshowered for days, go a day without a kiss and a small prayer. They grow so quick...

There you have it the other side of me!!! I do have emotions other than just being extra specially funny, quick witted and otherwise great girl.
Be Good and stayed tuned, hey I have three teens, always something happen here.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I dont know how they do it....oh sorry my kids....sometimes I just start talking, like you all know what and whom I am talking about........ If you have kids maybe this has happened to you, like when you give your oppinion to your kids, maybe about their clothing, grades, getting a job....stuff like that, and well those kids make you feel like you are as dumb as a rock. Like I dont know how we (PARENTS) know about cool dress, how hard school was or how to get a job properly...geeeeesh,...we already did it all! We were already cool, we already fought with our parents about our clothes and most of us have been working or at least very experienced in job hunting (that would be me)... I dont want to give girls the bad name...but it seems that my sons dont think I am a complete IDIOT, (they just use some swooozing,.. but that is another bloggg). I am so much like my daughter or my daughter is soo like me...I guess that is why my mom wished the wish that changed it all.....that I would get a daughter like me. I dont know a thing to her,. I do hear these statements..."Times have changed MOM", "Maybe in your day MOM"...You know those kind of comments...I have found that times have changed people....hemlines....hairstyles have not....everything does come back...some things I have to say shouldnt, like polyester, side ponytails etc....Sorry I have digressed. I guess, is the not so bright part of me that does that....
Anyway, ...I believe in Pysch. circles this would be of a venting nature.!!! And of course that would be correct....I have to keep that inner voice saying, I AM SMART!!! I WENT TO COLLEGE!! I DO KNOW THINGS>>>ALOT OF THINGS> Boy that felt so much better....!

Side note...just to say that I would/could not live without my daughter, and yes, she is making my life interesting, and exciting....she also is the best part of me, she is brilliant, very intellegent and talented. I am in awww of her, how I do wish I were more like her at times.....and of course if she was a little LESS of me would be great also.....she is my princess.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OK, Another Post About the TEEN HAIR DEAL>>>>

Ok, sorry to bring this topic up again, but it keeps rearing its....HAIR.....Ok, why is it that my taste for my teens hair is suddenly, gross, outdated,? What happened, I know that I used to keep there hair, cool, cute no one ever came to me while my three kids were growing up saying "Why did you do their hair like that"??? Never stares or wierd what happened, why now??? Why me??? (I even went to Cosmotology School...really). One child, who shall be nameless (But she has the most beautyful hair ever), never wants to let it curl, ....and the others one has really short hair (JROTC)...but he wants it like a South Carolina Highway Patrol...(Sorry you have to live here to get that)....and the other, that is quite happy to let it grow as long as "I" want...(Yes he is the baby)...I dont mean to rant again, about hair, but come on...I have class, I know what looks good, and my eye sight is good,(unless your a newpaper or anything 15 inches from my face), so what could it be...could I just be so uncool now that a girl with choppy looking hair is cool/great..and long hair is or maybe out again???? I believe that it has come full circle, I am my mom, OMG!!!! I remember the ranting she did about how dirty my hair looked or how the knots in the back needed to be out....yada yada yada...Well once again, I have become my mom...except...I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT....:) stay tuned I know there will be more to follow on the whole...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Where Have All The Children Gone??....

As I sit here contemplating my amazingly stressful day, I am haunted with the erie quiet of my home. The TV playing in the background because I would probably go MAD if I sat in the quiet of my house.(I said quiet house didnt I?) ok, getting back to the quiet.....Wierd, it is either feast or famine...I am either soooo NOT alone, kids wanting money, wondering where their stuff is, kids talking about video games, (Which sounds like BLAH BLAH me). The constant humming of their cell phones receiving texts, all the complaining, fighting ....well you know. I pray for just a moment of quiet, a time to read the Bible, Pray or just to close my eyes for a moment. A time which is mine, all mine....Well it is here, did I say I was alone, really alone, like no one here...? so quiet, so alone, I can actually hear the clock above the mantle ticking. I really dont remember quiet ..being this loud! I have been sitting and writing here for a while and I have figured out something...(but I will so deny if anyone tell them teens of mine) I almost like the mayhem, the fighting and then the stomping upstairs to slam the door and lock it and I of course yelling up the stairs to unlock the door.... SO BRING IT ON...oh talk about timing...I hear them coming in now........ What was I thinking......................EEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW