Saturday, June 12, 2010

So many guys in the house.....

Well lets see, I had the house all to myself I did what every one wants to do. HOMEWORK..
Aimee is in VA, David was in OBX for a church retreat and sam and Patrick went to an Indian Mound.
So one by one, the males came home and man the house smelled like sweat UGH! Thank heavens for fabreeeeze. Don't get me wrong I love the men in the house, but man oh man...! I sure miss my Aimee, the house needs a little estrogen......Ok, no the house needs alot of estrogen...cause I am lacking in that department...ugh....
So while the boys were watching some black and white war movie, I retreated to my bedchamber, to do some writing and watch TOY STORY 2 (dont judge me)...
I am/was a well of stuff to write about, but that was hours ago and of course I lost my password to this account so I had to reset,....blah blah blah. Enough of my whinning...for now.

Eyes are falling I must go now. This was a little ~non funny~ but hey even the most seasoned comic has an off day. So there you have it..for a week there will only be ME, one female, just a small amount of estrogen and so I will probably grow facial hair.....oh man, I already have..gosh I love being OLD.
Ok really signing off now, I will be much funnier and will write more indepth later.
until then....chow