Friday, March 18, 2011

My kids, gotta love um....

So it seems that I am not hitting this blog as much as I intended to...but here I am again. I find myself, a lot lately, thinking of my babies when they were babies. I am so happy that they are growing into some really great people, but I can say...I do miss my babies. You, know the age, when you could lay them on a blanket on the floor and actually go to the bathroom..that age.
Looking back, I do almost wish we had more...((somebody slap me))! really, knowing now that I just do not think I have the stamina to do it again, I do find myself thinking about more. MORE, that word even looks BIG.

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be a mother, I recently have been in a time of wondering what I am here for, my gifts, my schooling, my future....and for so long I was feeling so bad and stressed to hurry and find what I am here for...then it dawned on me, I had a bulb moment, since I was a very small child, when someone would ask what I wanted to be I always said a mom and/or a teacher. When it hit me, actually like a smack....The desire of my heart as a young child was to be a mom and that is what I am. I am a mom, that happens to be able to teach, which is another desire I had. So, my lesson that I finally got (hellooooooooo Toni) is that God loved/loves me so much that he gave me the desires of my heart!! All this time, I was looking for something that was right in front of me. Sometimes, our answers are staring right at us. I was unable to see that God had answered my prayers already. Let me tell you that at that very point of "knowing" that my fears of missing my calling were gone! My stress about how far to go to school, what job would I get and how would I get it disappeared. It is not to say that this is it!, that there is not another journey that I will take, that God is leading me. But I do know at this moment in time, I am at peace!

I also know that God is fashioning me into/for something as I write this. The Holy Spirit is loud in me now, I can feel/hear it guiding me, schooling me and getting me ready. It is the most exciting thing I have felt in a long time. Its not the time yet, but the one thing for sure is that it will be in addition to my mom job. Oh, that's not a job it is an adventure. So enjoy, read and learn.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010 in the Jenschke Home,

Well another year has passed in the Jenschke home, another celebration of our Saviors birth. Look

Look at these kids of mine (I mean ours, Patrick and ME), all smiles, no complaining,no fighting, their eyes are not glued to a monitor of some sort, no texting, no killing zombies....awwww, this is why I adore photography so much. Not just for the spender of the beautyful landscapes that make me feel God's presence at every turn...but for this, quiet wonderful memories of children happy, and content with the day.
As this year is passing, and another one has just about begund. I am filled with all sorts of feelings, such as....well lets just say for right now, maybe another blogg, one of which my personal thoughts, feelings, God directed views and the different steps I believe that I shall be making this coming year. I am sure I will continue with this blogg more often. Although my children are not nearly as funny as their were in the early teen years, there is still so much to be amazed about.
On a new oldest 20 year old HAS A JOB>>>>GOD IS GOOD> I knew it was a matter of time. He does complain, too many hours...not enough hours..Oh well, at least he is working. Lets see, my daughter is doing well, I am so proud of her. Her art is becoming very important and that makes me very happy. She is still my dark haired blond girl, lets see...her latest; my mom (who is staying with us) received a package for Christmas, the card attached just said, "Merry Christmas we love you", well we all were trying to figure out who sent the package...the package was a box of petite fours from Swiss Colony...Aimee, said, "Who do we know that lives in a Swiss Colony?" Ya gotta love her!!
Can not forget my youngest, Samuel, he is a brilliant child. I still remember when he was small he didn't talk for years..I was always worried for him. But, God has taken such care of my baby! He talks and talks and talks ....., God is good. He is doing so great, he still is so literal sometimes, that I have to laugh at some of the things...
I gotta tell you that I have the most wonderful family...My children and husband are a gift from God, and that is how I KNOW HE LOVES ME, cause he has given me these people to love, be crazed over, ....
Not to say that they do not totally drive me to drink (hot tea), but ya know if it wasn't them it might be someone else.
So I will so adieu (my fav word to this date). I will keep pressing on and I will leave the LIGHT ON, so come on in and make yourself comfy!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My teens are getting older, but I am still crazy....

Ok, I have decided that I need to continue this account of my childrens life. Fast recap, my oldest is now 20 (WOW) and yes he still lives at home, but its ok....they will leave soon enough. Ok, my daughter is now 16 ((driving and dating, somewhat)) and a junior in High School, and my baby is 15 and a freshman in High School. So I guess, that two of the kids still qualify as teens, and I am still this blogg is still going on.

I dont know how it happened, but my babies are moving on,...((well soon that is)). But it does make a crazed mom stop and reflect on all the funny, sad, weird, time consuming, hairy pulling (mine), late night, sleep deprived state that my life once held. I can so remember wishing, praying, screaming to have some time where I was not nursing, changing diapers, washing, cooking, taking somewhere, holding hair while they got sick, wiped part of their bodies that you just dont want to know about....this all seemed like yesterday. I can remember my mom giving me the motherly advice I give my children, that time goes fast enjoy it (them) while you can. And of course, mom was right. My babies, are now adults and young adults, they eat, sleep, get their own food (sometimes), hold their own hair, drive themselves, take their own baths, so I now have what I wanted....time, quiet, odd, the thing I wanted so much, now I miss so much. Ok quit sniffling, I do enjoy of the time that I am not needed to wipe body parts. But I do miss the cuddles, even though I make them (yes even the 6ft4 boy) sit and cuddle for small amounts of time. But all in all, once school and the dinner hour are done, they retreat to their domains...not to be seen again untill there is more food, or money to be handed out.

There is a small recap. I will be writing weekly on their antics and my thoughts on this matter. Their names will be blocked out for their privacy...yea, right. So read and follow and enjoy.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

So many guys in the house.....

Well lets see, I had the house all to myself I did what every one wants to do. HOMEWORK..
Aimee is in VA, David was in OBX for a church retreat and sam and Patrick went to an Indian Mound.
So one by one, the males came home and man the house smelled like sweat UGH! Thank heavens for fabreeeeze. Don't get me wrong I love the men in the house, but man oh man...! I sure miss my Aimee, the house needs a little estrogen......Ok, no the house needs alot of estrogen...cause I am lacking in that department...ugh....
So while the boys were watching some black and white war movie, I retreated to my bedchamber, to do some writing and watch TOY STORY 2 (dont judge me)...
I am/was a well of stuff to write about, but that was hours ago and of course I lost my password to this account so I had to reset,....blah blah blah. Enough of my whinning...for now.

Eyes are falling I must go now. This was a little ~non funny~ but hey even the most seasoned comic has an off day. So there you have it..for a week there will only be ME, one female, just a small amount of estrogen and so I will probably grow facial hair.....oh man, I already have..gosh I love being OLD.
Ok really signing off now, I will be much funnier and will write more indepth later.
until then....chow

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prom 2010.....The first of many!!

There she is....Aimee, (oops did I say her real name?, NAH) baby girls first prom. She was with people she didnt really know. Can you tell? YIKES...

She is so my daughter, funny, cute, humble, modest, funny...did I say funny. I will try to get the picture of her with the Band's formal picture taken in Washington DC..its a good one also.! I am so happy she went to the Prom, I will also post her pretty girl picture. Worth every dime, you know dress, shoes, nails, hair,....
I am so proud of her...she is a ME in a petite body!..
This is the little girl who would only wear her hair in a scuntchy (refer to past bloggs), I just wouldnt have ever thought her to be this amazing, beautyful...
*On a gushy note, while she was getting her hair done, she looked over at me and I swear I saw her when she was 5...I had to blink a couple of times to see her back as a 16 year old young woman...But you know at me she will always be my baby girl.
More stuff to come....hopefully funnier things...but you know a house full of teens and a 20 year old without a job...not too funny anymore hahah booohoooo

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009 OMG where has the time gone?

So much happening....lets see, my oldest graduated out of high school and is going to college (online, still very much living at home), my daughter is a sophomore and has a driving permit (scares me to death), and my youngest son whom I homeschooled for two years is now in a Charter School (its an international school oooo). Oh and I am, lets see.....finishing grad school, had a knee replacement, acne, menopause, anxious cause of the menopause....and did I mention MENOPAUSAL?????? (new blog to follow)

Getting used to the whole teen thing....weird, don't see much of the kids anymore (gotta love that), ok all you wonderful sweet "I love when my children are with me and we do crafts yada yada yada moms" pleeeeeeaaaaasssse! It is nice when it is quiet, I spent many years with colic, pooppy pants, boys that took wayyyyy tooooo long to be potty trained (yes I said it) and the waking up in the middle of the night to feed, change, hold hair when vomiting, is now kinda gone!! (Hallelujah chorus is now playing).

Well I will be keeping up again with this blog and shortly starting the MENOPAUSE BLOGGG...we ladies of the age need one. My teenagers are changing, becoming awsome people...who knew? (K, I did) so more interesting and not so interesting things to come. Hey comment and share the love.

Adios muchacho/as

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The mom is...IN, take a seat, I will be with you in a minute!!

Well hello again, it has been a while my friend. I really don't have a reason for not being observant of my teens, they are still the same.....still rolling their eyes, acting like I am an idot, and the ever popular..."you just don't understand me" speech. However, the silver linning is that my wonderful daughter has finally started to brush and do her hair more and more. The only reason is ME!

I went through a dry spell, and menopause...enough said I hope! That is either another blogg or maybe later down the road....

So, stayed tuned and come visit the blogg, for a laugh, a cry, or just a little "I know what you mean".