Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009 OMG where has the time gone?

So much happening....lets see, my oldest graduated out of high school and is going to college (online, still very much living at home), my daughter is a sophomore and has a driving permit (scares me to death), and my youngest son whom I homeschooled for two years is now in a Charter School (its an international school oooo). Oh and I am, lets see.....finishing grad school, had a knee replacement, acne, menopause, anxious cause of the menopause....and did I mention MENOPAUSAL?????? (new blog to follow)

Getting used to the whole teen thing....weird, don't see much of the kids anymore (gotta love that), ok all you wonderful sweet "I love when my children are with me and we do crafts yada yada yada moms" pleeeeeeaaaaasssse! It is nice when it is quiet, I spent many years with colic, pooppy pants, boys that took wayyyyy tooooo long to be potty trained (yes I said it) and the waking up in the middle of the night to feed, change, hold hair when vomiting, is now kinda gone!! (Hallelujah chorus is now playing).

Well I will be keeping up again with this blog and shortly starting the MENOPAUSE BLOGGG...we ladies of the age need one. My teenagers are changing, becoming awsome people...who knew? (K, I did) so more interesting and not so interesting things to come. Hey comment and share the love.

Adios muchacho/as

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