Monday, March 31, 2008

My Babies are Growing Up!!


Well, my babies are growing up!!, The First of them, well I guess for his life I better not go and expose his name...ok well lets just say my first born, boy....He is in High School, is a good guy and cute guy and thank GOD a really shy guy. Well, that has been the saving grace, his shyness...He is so cute that girls have always wanted to be around him, but he again is shy...Well up in till he hit junior year. There has been one girl he has know since elementary but they are only friends, then there is one that kinda blew him off....and then he met his "girl". She is a great girl, she is cute and polite and no piercings as far as I can see. What else could a mom want. Well, they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend...WOW, what happened to my little boy, the velco kid we used to call him cause he wouldnt do anything without his momma...not really a mommas boy, just attached, if there is a difference. He is the first to have a girlfriend, to eat at others homes (that is great...he eats a lot saves us a little cash), and hanging out some where other than in the cave..(family joke).
Where did the time go, seems like yesterday I was praying for him to grow up and move out...his collic, night terrors and pickiness in eating...and now so close to that time where he will venture out on his own...Scared and happy for him all at the same time. How did this happen??? First, the girlfriend, then the High School Graduation then the Air Force....I know he will always be my baby, but this 6ft4 man is now someone else's baby.....sniff, sniff.. maybe he was not just a mommas boy, but maybe he was just MY BOY!!!
Moms out there, dont let those cute little snot nose kids, that run threw the house with those dirty hands, that wont sleep through the night, leave you tired, ragged and unshowered for days, go a day without a kiss and a small prayer. They grow so quick...

There you have it the other side of me!!! I do have emotions other than just being extra specially funny, quick witted and otherwise great girl.
Be Good and stayed tuned, hey I have three teens, always something happen here.

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